Expanding the Project

So as I am wrapping up my Bachelors in Digital Photography at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I just finished my e-Portfolio class and as part of that class my Professor and I decided it would be a good idea to expand this project’s web and Social Media presence. Originally I only had a Facebook page for this project and a single portfolio of images on my main Liam Photography website. So now my project has it’s own Instagram, Twitter, Website and Youtube Channel and I finished and uploaded my video on Sparta, Ga in Hancock County.

What this means going forward is that I am going to continue not only shooting stills for this project for all 159 counties, but also mini-documentary videos as well which will continue to be uploaded to the Youtube channel as well as behind the scenes videos. My production assistant Janice isn’t thrilled that we have to go back to the counties we had already shot stills for, but she also understands how important this project is to me. I want to raise as much awareness for the plight of small business owners in Georgia as possible, so this project is getting much bigger.

Additionally, I am also going to be working with the Sparta¬†Ishmaelite, which is the local newspaper in Sparta, Ga. I recently learned that the editor of the paper has been following my project on Facebook and when I contacted her for more information on the old Sparta Furniture Company, she asked if I would be interested in creating content for their paper as well. Sparta has not only been economically depressed since the city’s largest employer closed their doors, but there is also a lot of hostility between the citizens and the local government as well as increased tensions among the citizens themselves along Ethnic lines. The Editor is hoping that by creating some new content based around my project and Sparta itself that we can hopefully bring the citizens of Sparta closer together.

I am really excited as I move into this new, more expanded chapter of the Forgotten Pieces of Georgia series and I hope that all of you reading this will continue to follow the journey and Subscribe to the new Youtube channel!