This web site is dedicated to a personal project by Liam Photography. My name is Liam Douglas and I am originally from Troy, Pa, but I relocated to the Atlanta area back in 2006 for the better job market. 

As someone who comes from a family of small business owners, I am always thrilled to see someone being their own boss. Whether they have a diner in a small town or a car wash or their own retail store, America is built by enterprising men and women who risk it all to run their own business and create jobs and promote a sense of community in their home area.

Growing up in Pa, my family had a number of small businesses from my grandmother’s multi-store fabric business to my father’s small engine repair shop to my own computer store, my family prided itself on being their own bosses. I remember all the long hours and the blood, sweat and tears of running one’s own business as well as the freedom of being my own boss.

In 2014, after I had moved to Georgia, I was out driving back roads one weekend and came across some abandoned small business buildings and this project was born. Given my family’s background as business owners, it really breaks my heart to see a “mom and pop” shop go the way of the dinosaur, so I started making images of all the buildings I found and have been doing it since. I am documenting all 159 counties in Georgia with this project and hope to release a book when the project is completed.

I have started a GoFundMe page to try and raise some funding to help defray the costs of expanding the project to include films for each county.

I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by this site and look at the images I have captured so far and I invite you to bookmark this page and come back often to see the latest progress on this massive project. I also invite you to stop by my other Social Media accounts for this project that you can find listed below!


Liam Douglas

Liam Photography